Founded in 2016, we are a South India-based brewing contract packaging manufacturer.

AMERICAN BREW CRAFTS LIMITED (A.B.C.) was founded by an industry visionary and established American NRI entrepreneurs. A.B.C. is managed by an expert team with more than 2-3 decades each of experience working with national and multinational brands to help bring the finest quality and award-winning beverage brands to markets across the globe.

An Experienced Co-Pack Partner

Our facilities in Near Hyderabad, Near Kakinada are capable of producing in excess of five million cases of beer/beverage annually and we have both the technical expertise and requisite licensure to produce beer and seltzer.


We operate a 200 HL brewhouse with Alpha Laval Brewhouse and Centrifuge. The packaging hall is equipped with high-speed KHS canning and bottling lines capable of filling most common vessel sizes and packaging into myriad configurations. Contract customers are able to leverage ABC's established network of freight and warehouse operators as well as component sourcing and supply chain.


Knowledge and know how run deep at ABC. We have a robust, state of the art lab and QA department to ensure that every drop of liquid leaving our facility is of the highest quality. Additionally, The Institute of Brewing & Distilling qualified Master Brewer A.Tamilarasan has spearheaded multiple new product developments and launches. It’s no wonder ABC brands have won many awards & gold medals through the years!

Facility Overview & Capabilities

The A.B.C approach is to make the process as seamless as possible for our clients, allowing you to focus on creating and maximizing the profitability selling your brands. We provide flexible arrangements which easily scale to meet your needs clients’ needs. From packaging-only service to formula development and component sourcing, we are at your service.

  • 200 HL Alfa-Laval Brewhouse (Adjunct Kettle, Mashtun, LT, Wort Holding Vessel, Wort Kettle & Whirlpool)
  • State of Art – Buhler ( 6 Roller Mill)
  • Alfa Laval - Grist and Adjunct SS 304 bin with load cell
  • Alfa Laval 7 UTs ( Same tank for Fermentation and Maturation) Capacity -800 HL each
  • Praj 1 UTs – capacity - 600 hl
  • Praj 2 UTs – Capacity -1200 HL each.
  • Praj 1 UTs – Capacity - 1600 HL
  • Alfa Laval – 3 BBT (Bright beer tanks ,capacity- 400 HL each)
  • Expansion capacity available
  • Filter – Padvan Victorya-30 ( Capacity-200 hl/Hour)
  • Alfa Laval Buffer tank
  • Alfa Laval Centrifuge( Brew 80 )
  • 10 micron cartridge filter
  • Washing : KHS washer – Innoclean DM
  • FILLING: KHS Filler 72-head filler, crown regular
  • Pasteurizer : KHS Pasteurizer (Tunnel pasteurization) capacity - 2100 BPH
  • Labelling Machine: Capacity -28000 BPH
  • Pack size – 650 ml & 330 ml (Front , back & Neck label)
  • Case Packer : KHS INNOPAC Garant – Capacity – 21000 BPH
  • Packing size
  • 650 ml * 12 Bottle * 6 carton
  • 330 ml * 24 Bottle *4 carton
  • Carton erector: KHS carton erector –capacity 1800 CPH
  • Chekweigher: – Minibea Intech Checkweigher ( 0.1 Kg to 35 Kg)
  • Carton sealer: V. Pack automation – Capacity -2000 CPH.
  • FILLING: 12-head filler, Teddy seamer
  • 202-B64 lids
  • Sleek 211 – 500 ml
  • PACKING: DMM Packaging Line, sleeve applicator
  • 4-pack & 6-pack in wraps, 24-pack in Carton
  • Steam tunnel for sleeve applicator
  • Standard Pallet Configurations:Transfer production from production hall to Warehouse through conveyor belt
  • 650 ml bottles: 64 cases per pallet (4 tiers x 16 cases)
  • 330ml bottles: 60 cases per pallet (5 tiers x 12 cases)
  • 500 ml cans:4/6, 24 loose: 48 cases per pallet (6 tiers x 8 cases)
  • Kegging Machine – 20 kegs/hour
  • Stainless Kegs
  • D- Type Couplings
  • 30L
  • 50L
  • Taste / Sensory Panel Process for new and existing products
  • Full finished goods to raw materials traceability & container/package encoding
  • Licensing and Available Certifications: ISO 22000 & FSSAI etc.
  • Haffmans Haze meter :- (VOS ROTA 2.0)
  • Anton-Paar-Alcolyzer/DMA for alcohol and density ( DMA 4500M)
  • Petair in line CO2 & DO meter :-(Haffmans – c-DGM)
  • Bottle and can CO2 meter
  • UV Spectrophotometer:-( Shimadzu – UV 1800)
  • Other common lab instrumentation
  • Formulaic consulting
  • Flash Pasteurization
  • Formulaic and Sensory Development and Testing
  • Supply Chain Management and Component Procurement
  • Nutritional Information Labeling
  • TTB Compliance – AMERICAN BREW CRAFTS LIMITED submits Certificate of Label Approval (“COLA”) requests on behalf of contract customers
  • Branded, White, or Private Label Production
  • Basic Terms:
  • Manufacturing or Alternating Proprietorship contracts
  • Six-month Rolling Forecasts, 60-day lead for Purchase Orders
  • Capacity reservation and take or pay fee arrangements negotiable
  • Standard Volume Minimums (MOQs):
  • MOQ of 800 HL (8000 Ltr) brewing or (10000 Cs -100000 Cs)
  • Annual Business: 120 K– 1200 K C/s (9600 HL – 100000 HL)
  • Products must be ordered in full-pallet quantities
  • Products must be ordered in full-pallet quantities

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